Sales Representative 销售人员

Position Level: Senior Executive
Job Specialization: Sales - Retail/General
Qualification: Primary/Secondary School/SPM/"O" Level
Employment Type: Full-Time
Responsibilities: 1. Greets and interacts with customers.
2. Consults with customers to understand their needs and preferences related to merchandise.
3. Building rapport through conversation and honest recommendations
4. Demonstrates and explains merchandise, selecting and suggesting options suitable for the customers needs.
5. Ringing up sales and arranging for delivery or pick-up of the customer’s order if needed
Inviting customers to search the company’s website for coupons and other ways to save money
6. Answers customer's questions about merchandise.
7. Assists customers with purchase decisions.
8. Informing customers of any extra charges if necessary
9. Inviting the customer to join a loyalty program if there is one
10. Assisting in maintaining the back stock room and setting up merchandise displays on the sales floor
11. Retrieves merchandise from sales floor, stock room, or other inventory locations; places special orders.
12. Collaborating with fellow team members to keep the sales floor area clean and organized at all times.
13. Collects payment using the store point of sale system.
14. Processes returns and exchanges.
15. Performs other duties as assigned.
1. 接待顾客并与顾客互动
2. 与顾客协商,了解他们对商品的需求和偏好。
3. 通过交谈和真诚的推荐建立友好关系
4. 展示并解释商品,选择并建议适合顾客需求的选项 5.
5. 为销售结账,并在需要时安排送货或提货服务
6. 回答顾客有关商品的问题。
7. 协助顾客做出购买决定。
8. 必要时告知顾客任何额外费用
9. 如果有忠诚度计划,邀请顾客加入该计划
10. 协助维护后库房并在销售楼层布置商品陈列
11. 从销售楼层、库房或其他库存地点提取商品;下特别订单。
12. 与其他团队成员合作,随时保持销售楼层区域的清洁和有序。
13. 使用商店销售点系统收取货款。
14. 处理退换货。
15. 履行分配的其他职责。
Job Location: Johor
Other Location: -
Years of Experience: 3
Age Range of Candidate: 21 - 35
Monthly Salary: MYR2500-MYR10000
Requirements: 1. Excellent verbal communication skills.
2. Excellent active listening skills.
3. Excellent sales and customer service skills.
4. Extensive knowledge of the merchandise sold.
5. Ability to anticipate customer's needs.
6. Ability to recommend merchandise to customers.
7. Ability to operate or to quickly learn the stores point-of-sale system.
1. 中英巫语言沟通能力。
2. 积极倾听客户需求。
3. 销售和客户服务技能
4. 丰富的销售商品知识。
5. 能够预测顾客的需求。
6. 向顾客推荐商品的能力。
7. 能够操作或快速学习商店的销售点系统。

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