Shop Assistant 门市助理

Position Level: Fresh/Entry Level
Job Specialization: General Work (Housekeeper, Driver, Dispatch, Messenger, etc)
Qualification: Primary/Secondary School/SPM/"O" Level
Employment Type: Full-Time
Responsibilities: 1. Receiving, processing, and organizing shipments and deliveries accordingly.
2. Restocking depleted or low shop items and ensuring that the sales floor is organized according to established guidelines.
3. Assisting customers in locating desired shop items.
4. Informing customers of shop promotions to encourage purchases.
5. Performing regular price audits to identify and correct price discrepancies.
6. Performing end-of-day cleaning duties, which includes wiping down windows, mirrors, and fixtures as well as sweeping and mopping the shop floor.
7. Addressing and resolving customers complaints in a professional manner.
8. Processing customer payments using the shop's Point of Sale (POS) system.
9. Maintaining an in-depth knowledge of store items to provide advice and recommendations as needed.
1. 接收、处理和组织相应的装运和交付。
2. 重新进货已耗尽或库存不足的商品,确保销售区按照既定方针有序摆放。
3. 协助顾客找到所需的商店商品。
4. 告知顾客店内的促销活动,鼓励顾客购买。
5. 定期进行价格审核,发现并纠正价格差异。
6. 执行日终清洁任务,包括擦拭窗户、镜子和固定装置,以及清扫和拖地。
7. 以专业方式处理和解决客户投诉。
8. 使用店内的销售点(POS)系统处理顾客付款。
9. 深入了解店内商品,根据需要提供意见和建议。
Job Location: Johor
Other Location: -
Years of Experience: 1
Age Range of Candidate: 21 - 35
Monthly Salary: MYR1500-MYR2000
Requirements: 1.Proven retail sales experience.
2. The ability to stand for extended periods.
3. The ability to use labeling and pricing equipment as well as Point of Sale (POS) software.
4. The ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
5. Strong organizational skills.
6. Effective communication skills.
7. Exceptional customer service skills.
8. Detail-oriented.
1. 零售经验丰富
2. 能长时间站立
3. 能够使用标签和定价设备以及销售点(POS)软件。
4. 能够在快节奏的环境中工作。
5. 较强的组织能力。
6. 有效的沟通技巧。
7. 出色的客户服务技能
8. 注重细节。

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