Sound Technician 音响技术人员

Position Level: Fresh/Entry Level
Job Specialization: Clerical/Administrative Support
Qualification: Primary/Secondary School/SPM/"O" Level
Employment Type: Full-Time
Responsibilities: 1. To learn about theatre sound in a professional environment.
2. To be an active supportive collaborative & positive member of the team.
3. To support daily sound requirements in a given RSC venue.
4. To plot & operate shows, rehearsals and events in a given RSC venue.
5. Programming sound equipment.
6. Changing over sound equipment & orchestra to fulfill the RSC rep.
7. To maintain plots and backups of shows.
8. To maintain equipment and participate in fault finding, repair and maintenance of equipment.
9. Assisting in show audio archiving.
1. 在专业环境中学习戏剧音响。
2. 成为团队中积极支持、协作和正面的成员。
3. 支持 RSC 特定场地的日常音响要求。
4. 在指定的 RSC 场馆策划和操作演出、排练和活动。
5. 为音响设备编程。
6. 更换音响设备和乐队,以完成 RSC 代表的工作。
7. 维护节目情节和备份。
8. 维护设备并参与设备的故障查找、维修和保养。
9. 协助节目音频存档。
Job Location: Johor
Other Location: -
Years of Experience: 1
Age Range of Candidate: 21 - 35
Monthly Salary: MYR1500-MYR2000
Requirements: 1. Think and act independently and safely whilst working within company guidelines
2. Work calmly and methodically in time-sensitive situations
3. Reference user manuals and manufacturer guidance
4. Awareness of the importance of regular contact, when appropriate, to offer updated information and documentation
5. Able to modify personal approach based on the situation
6. Confident & effective communicator
7. Online researcher of new equipment and training opportunities, communicate with professionals and organisations to prioritise personal training goals and activities
8. Well prepared, anticipates issues ahead of time
9. Take initiative e.g. seek the source of an issue of own accord and take necessary action
1. 在遵守公司规定的前提下,独立思考并安全行事
2. 在时间紧迫的情况下沉着冷静、有条不紊地工作
3. 参考用户手册和制造商指南
4. 认识到在适当情况下定期联系以提供最新信息和文件的重要性 5.
5. 能够根据情况修改个人方法 6.
6. 自信、有效的沟通者 7.
7. 在线研究新设备和培训机会,与专业人士和组织沟通,确定个人培训目标和活动的优先次序 8.
8. 准备充分,能提前预见问题
9. 采取主动,如主动寻找问题的根源并采取必要的行动

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