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What is immersive sound?

Real immersive sound provides the listener with a natural (“life-like”) three-dimensional sound experience unlike anything heard before in traditional 2D surround solutions. Immersive audio creates the sensation of height all around the audience, transporting them into a more thrilling and deeper audio experience.

This revolution in audio technology immerses the listener with sounds in front, above and all around, providing a totally new emotional level of entertainment in listening to music, watching movies or playing games, giving the feeling of actually “being there”. Hearing all the details exactly as you would in real life. This new level of entertainment where you are enveloped with lifelike sound is the goal of Immersive Sound.

Combined with stunning visuals, this 3D audio solution delivers the most powerful entertainment offer for home theaters. Adding this level of reality demands for new approaches to traditional surround sound, as immersive formats require adding height and/or top layers of additional speakers.

3D audio codecs

StormAudio supports all existing and future leading 3D Sound formats, such as Auro-3D, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X Pro and IMAX Enhanced. As not all contents are mixed in immersive formats, upmixing technologies are essential. Each format has its own upmixer, processing a number of channels and turning it into a greater number of audio channels.

Auro 3D 

Auro-3D® is an audio technology and format, based on uncompressed audio quality and total compatibility with existing norms and formats.  The concept and listening formats of Auro-3D revolve around adding a 'Height' layer, on top of traditional 2D surround systems, thus creating a sensation of spatial sound, with speaker configurations going from Auro 9.1 to Auro 13.1. Auro's upmixer is the Auromatic. Please read the Home theater speaker set-up guidelines for Auro-3D for more information.

Dolby Atmos

Dolby® Atmos is based on the concept of object based audio technology, where any sound can exist as an independent object, to be placed and moved anywhere in your room, including overhead. Sounds will flow above and around you as they would in a real-world environment, thanks to overhead channels added to the traditional surround setup. Dolby's upmixer is the Dolby Surround Upmixer (DSU). Read the Dolby Atmos® Home Theater Installation Guidelines for more information.

DTS:X and DTS:X Pro

DTS:X Pro™ is the next-generation audio codec from Xperi that leverages object-based audio to enable new audio experiences in immersion and interactivity. Offering a multi-dimensional audio experience in a very flexible way, DTS:X is compatible with all immersive sound speaker configurations. DTS' upmixer is the Neural:X engine. Read more in the DTS:X white paper.

Sphere Audio

This binaural headphone technology is capable of delivering an immersive sound experience via any standard pair of high-quality stereo headphone

Designed for multi-room audio distribution, as an addition to the main theater playback, this binaural technology renders any audio source, from Mono to Immersive Sound formats - played back natively or upmixed -, into that of a 3D audio experience over headphones. This exclusive headphone technology, powered by Auro®-Headphones™, is available on all StormAudio processors, and delivers an unmatched level of realism. All it takes is connecting a headphone amplifier to the headphone XLR output of the StormAudio processor.
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